[AMRadio] FS: restored Gonset G-76

Dan wright dw73454 at alltel.net
Wed Feb 8 13:31:06 EST 2006

How Do, Craig?

>I have a nice Gonset G-76 AM/CW transceiver for 
>sale.  I've recapped this little rig and 
>repainted its cabinet in Hammertone Gray. It's 
>in very good shape cosmetically and electronically.

It DOES look nice!


How well did this rig work when you checked it?

I borrowed a friend's Gonset 3349 AC supply and fired up the
rig. I am still working on the Heath supply and don't have
it finished yet.

I have not tried transmitting with it yet, and probably won't until
I get my supply done, but it doesn't work at all well on
receive. The volume control doesn't work and the audio that there
is, is pretty distorted.  The SSB/CW position makes no difference.
The BFO doesn't work and it sounds like the rig is still in the AM
mode. The preselector makes no difference either.

I'm not asking you to troubleshoot the rig, but I was wondering how well
it worked for you when you had it, given your above statement.

Not tryin' to cause a ruckus, just curious.

73 de Dan -- WAØJRD ..

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