[AMRadio] FS: restored Gonset G-76

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Wed Feb 8 14:41:23 EST 2006

I have one, used to have two.
I am up in the air about what to do with mine.
They are great little rigs, but have 2 big problems 
from my standpoint:

The receive audio sucks. The crazy design uses part of the 
modulator as the audio output, in a very bad and crazy circuit.
I used a small IC chip off the detector, but finding a good small 
low voltage audio power ic chip is hard.
I had one that worked well for a few years (radio shack) but it
self destructed.
I found something that works, but not as well.

And the TX audio sucks (surprise!).
The audio driver transformer (also the receive audio output trans)
is a weak point, as are the crazy triode connected (audio to the screens)
6DQ6 modulator tubes (zero bias).
No specs for a 6DG6 as a zero bias triode connected using the screens....

The receiver and the transmitter are good, 262 kHz IF, 
70 watts out on TX, vfo control, etc.
The receive bandwidth can be played with at the IF cans which have
small caps across them and resistors on the coils.
Changing the resistors changes the bandwidth (lowers Q) and the caps
do the nose response.
It’s a lot of fun to play with values here.

A really small nice looking box, fun to use, I just need to get it to
sound a little better on receive.

Mine has been quite rugged, it used to be the pre hamfest rig, toss a wire
up into the trees and talk (swr, what is that?) spill beer on it, drop it,
yell into the mike, rain,  its happy....

Anyone know of an IC chip and circuit that runs off 12 volts and gives
reasonable audio output without a lot of hiss?
A few watts is all I need.



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> How Do, Craig?
> >I have a nice Gonset G-76 AM/CW transceiver for 
> >sale.  I've recapped this little rig and 
> >repainted its cabinet in Hammertone Gray. It's 
> >in very good shape cosmetically and electronically.
> It DOES look nice!
> but...
> How well did this rig work when you checked it?
> I borrowed a friend's Gonset 3349 AC supply and fired up the
> rig. I am still working on the Heath supply and don't have
> it finished yet.
> I have not tried transmitting with it yet, and probably won't until
> I get my supply done, but it doesn't work at all well on
> receive. The volume control doesn't work and the audio that there
> is, is pretty distorted.  The SSB/CW position makes no difference.
> The BFO doesn't work and it sounds like the rig is still in the AM
> mode. The preselector makes no difference either.
> I'm not asking you to troubleshoot the rig, but I was 
> wondering how well
> it worked for you when you had it, given your above statement.
> Not tryin' to cause a ruckus, just curious.
> 73 de Dan -- WAØJRD ..
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