[AMRadio] FS: restored Gonset G-76

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Wed Feb 8 16:20:31 EST 2006

Dan says:

I have not seen any mods on the Internet for G76'ez...
Anyone know of any?

Reply from Jim WD5JKO:

No not too much that I've seen. I have two G-76's
myself, and the quality of the power supply is a
factor in the quality of the transmitted signal. I
have a home made (not by me) AC power supply that
weighs a ton, and has a 3 tube regulated low B+. I am
sure this helps.

As Bret mentioned, the rcv audio output tube is also
the audio driver for the xmit 6DQ6's. Having good
fresh tubes here goes a long way towards better
quality. Since the output tubes are acting as hi-mu
triodes, the idle current could be too low if the high
B+ is also too low. I forget how I did it, but I have
a plug in meter that measures modulator cathode
current. I also fiddled with that audio output stage
by beefing up the idle current on xmit (maybe I did
that on my G-50..), and heavily AC bypassed the
cathode resistor, and added a little bit of inverse
voltage feedback. Both receiver, and transmit quality
stock seemed pretty decent, and was much better after
the above said modifications.

For receive, some say the IF band with is kind of
broad. I recall cutting out some resistors that were
across the IF coils. Without the resistors, the "Q"
was higher, and therefore the bandwidth was more

Six meters is a joke on the G-76. Don't try it unless
you want to burn up your 6DQ5.

If you are interested, I might be able to open up one
of my G-76's so that I can document whatever I did.


--- dw73454 at alltel.net wrote:

> Brett sez:
> > The receive audio sucks. 
> > And the TX audio sucks (surprise!).
> Hmmmmmm....I have heard G76s on 10 meter AM that 
> sound great! I wonder what they did to improve the
> TX audio?
> I have not seen any mods on the internet for
> G76'ez...
> Anyone know of any?
> Dan 
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