[AMRadio] FS: restored Gonset G-76

dw73454 at alltel.net dw73454 at alltel.net
Wed Feb 8 17:26:14 EST 2006

Jim says:

> If you are interested, I might be able to open up one
> of my G-76's so that I can document whatever I did.

First off, let me thank you for your great response Jim!

And sure, I would be very much interested in what you did to make the audio better in the G76, if you have the time and inclination to dig into it! I have issues to resolve with mine before I can get to the point of doing any audio mods. None the least of which is to finish the power supply soze I can fire up the rig....(8->

The other problem I have is getting enough time to spend working on radio stuff, so my resurrection process for the rig will be slow.

Thanks again Jim es

73 de Dan -- WAØJRD ..

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