FS: Boatanchors RBB, Drake, NC-101X, 809, T55, B&W, RC-120, Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Thu Feb 16 13:53:51 EST 2006

For Sale

Military WWII Gray RBB receiver with Gray power supply. No cables. Both have a few scratches but are very nice indeed. Might be missing some tubes. $500

> Drake R4C/T4XC Station with MN-4 and AC-4. Works but needs a going through to be brought up to snuff. $400
GP-7/ARB pair. Both units are reworked and mostly ready to put on the air. Both units are accessorized out the wazoo with mounts, tuning units, control boxes and all. The ARB works well (on the original dynamotor) but the wiring to the control boxes has not been done. The ARB has some rare accessories including the shock mount, the goofy ZB-3 homing adapter, and an empty spares chest. The ZB-3 is brand new with the original spares box, etc. The GP-7 has been ham modified to run on an external power supply that is only partially built. You could finish the supply or the GP-7 will run from any regular TX supply. The GP-7 includes the mounting rails, all the useful tuning units with steel storage boxes, etc.. I'd like $1000 for this gorgeous WWII rig. All manuals included. Ask for pictures. Will separate.

National NC-101X with matching speaker. Really, really nice looking. But speaker has wrong grille cloth. Hasn't been powered up in years. Needs restoration but is surely worth it. PW dial and tuning eye--best of all possible worlds. $350

Homebrew push-pull 809 amplifier driven by an 809 with plug-in coils. No power supply but has filament TF. Poor construction practices. Coils have no mechanical support. Built on an inverted metal filing shelf. With 809s. From the estate of 8AIG. $50

Homebrew transmitter with 6L6 oscillator driving T-55 final. Just a chassis with the parts on it and Atwater-Kent knobs. This probably never ran because it has poor construction practices. Still, it looks cool and could easily be brought to life. With a spare T-55. $50

> Military Coast Guard RC-120 HF receiver. This is an odd NC-100A variant built by National with a tuning eye (more specifically, this was the ONLY National NC-100A design (sliding coils with pointer-dial) that had a tuning eye). Missing tags and was missing tuning eye parts. I replaced the tuning eye bezel and mount with non-original units. Very rare-may be the only one left alive. Unrestored but in nice original shape. Missing bottom cover. Coast-guard gray. $150
> Homebrew Lew McCoy Ultimate Transmatch with 3 plug-in coils, original construction article. Nice. No cabinet. Built just like the article. $35
> B&W 210 Audio Oscillator. Works and looks great. This is a 1962-vintage test bench audio oscillator covering 10cps-100kcps with good distortion characteristics, variable output to 150mw, 600 ohm bal or unbal output, etc. This is a cosmetic match for B&W 410 distortion analyzer below. Just really beautiful cosmetic condition. Working as designed. With original manual. Tubes line-up is 1-6AU6, 1-6CG7. $50
> B&W 410 Distortion Analyzer. Looks Great--almost near mint. This is a workbench audio distortion analyzer and AC voltmeter. Matches B&W 210 audio oscillator above. Seems to be working as designed but I did not really test it thoroughly. With original manual. tube line-up is -12AX7, 1-12AU7, 1-0A2, 1-6X4, 2-6U8. $50
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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