[AMRadio] Re: AM Transmitter Advice??

Bob Deuel k2glo at jkasystems.com
Thu Feb 16 19:05:23 EST 2006

Hello Larry and all:

Larry's tongue in cheek comment employing 866's as a linear amplifier tube
prompted me to contribute the following: Certain full-wave rectifiers can be
configured to amplify or oscillate. I have built audio, Hartley and Simpson
oscillators using only 6AX5GT's full-wave rectifiers as the sole active
device. These were displayed at 2004 Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club Meet
and actually won a Blue Ribbon.
Late last year I built an AM transmitter consisting of a Hartley oscillator
modulated by an AM modulator using only 6AX5GT full-wave rectifier tubes as
the active devices. No solid-state magic, just simple full-wave rectifiers.
The basic concept is that of the Heintz and Kaufman gridless Gammatron
circuits. The transmitter was set up for the broadcast band and works fine.
It has been publicly demonstrated a couple times now and a write up
including the circuit was published in the February, 2006 issue of the "Tube
Collector" magazine which is the bi-monthly magazine published by the Tube
Collectors Association, Inc. It is fun to make full-wave rectifiers do more
than just rectify.

Bob, K2GLO   

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Donald Chester writes: 

>> Assuming one is going to build a linear, and so putting aside other 
>> issues
>> such as linear vs plate modulation, why do you think it makes a 
>> difference
>> what tube is used? Are you referring to running a linear at greater than
>> legal limit?.
> Well, go ahead and try building a legal limit linear that runs a pair of 
> 807's in the final. 

Yeah, or a pair of 866As.... 

Sorry (the devil made me do it). 

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