[AMRadio] FS: More Boatanchors

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Fri Feb 17 10:55:51 EST 2006

FOR SALE. Shipping extra.

Homebrew crystal set with cats whisker and vertical tuning coil. About the size of a beer can. The parts used are obviously commercial. Very cute and well-made. $40
Homebrew "Versatile 70" 70 Watt AM Transmitter. This is a construction project from CQ Magazine, December, 1953. 70 watt bandswitching AM transmitter using single 6146 in final. I believe this is grid-modulated. Fabulously built with the best of components. Nice cosmetic condition. Untested. No restoration has been done. Some cold solder joints and loose connections are visible underneath. This is a 19" rackmount occupying 10-1/2" of rack space. Currently in nice black-wrinkle ex-military desktop cabinet. With original CQ article. Tube line-up is 1-6AG5, 5-6AQ5, 1-6146, 1-6AU6, 1-6C4, 1-0A2, 1-0B2, 1-6X4, 1-5R4GY. As-is. $105 
RME 99 HF receiver. 1940-vintage ham bands receiver in nice black wrinkle desk cabinet. Oddly, the large dial in the center is bandspread, while the smaller dial at the right Is the main tuning. Triple conversion. Very good cosmetic condition with some small marks in paint.  Some knobs may be wrong but they are so close that it's hard to tell. Untested. As-is. The tube line-up is locktals: 4-7A7, 1-7B8, 2-7A4, 1-7F7, 1-7C5, 1-7A6, 1-VR150, 1-80.  With manual copy. $250
Meissner Signal Shifter EX--rackmount version. The rack panel was a separate option and is seldom seen. Looks great. Working. $125 Picture available.
Tektronix 190B Constant Amplitude Signal Generator with the output cord and the 190B attenuator. 1957-vintage. This is a sine-wave generator with a range from 350kc to 50mc. Amplitude is variable from 40 millivolts to 10 volts peak to peak in 7 ranges. This seems to be working right. But it has a dirty meter zero adjust pot and bad contacts on the pilot lamp. Looks good but the pseudo-leather handle is crumbling. $40

HP 4265A Universal Bridge. This is a typical repair bench bridge from 1973. With original manual and sales receipt ($510 in 1973). Covers L C and R with mechanical digital readout. Has options for connecting HP VTVM etc on rear panel. Has DC bias for L and C measurements. Variable test frequency from 50hz to 10khz. Solid state with carry handle. Seems to be working correctly but switches and pots need cleaning. $95

RCA ACR-155 Receiver. This is a very uncommon 1936 ham receiver covering .55mc -  22mc in oversize desk cabinet.
Styled to match RCA ACT-20 transmitter. Band switch moves complex mechanical linkage to change dial scales. Tuning knob looks like BC-348 (but it's not). It's in very good or excellent cosmetic condition. Electrically untested, but complete with no visible modifications--except that the original. BFO on/of switch has been changed to toggle instead of  turn-type.  I can supply the correct switch and knob with the radio. With original manual. The tube line-up is 2-6K7, 1-6L7, 2-6J7, 1-6H6, 1-6F5,            1-6F6, 1-5W4. Unique BA in the long cabinet with the top corner beveled off. $350

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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