[AMRadio] 11-pin plugs available

DAVID O'NEILL w9nto at isp.com
Sat Feb 18 17:20:06 EST 2006

I can use 20 for for all the rigs to go to a heathkit p/s 

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  I have acquired a Generous Quantity (+200) male 11-pin "octal" (yes
I know...) male plugs.

   These are 'chassis mount' type plugs and have waffle-shaped retaining

rings with them, but no shells. They are keyed between pins 1 and 11.
are NOS and have never been soldered or used.

   Free for postage from zip 89706 (Carson City, NV), one to "a
      Let's be reasonable, here folks...   ;}

   Drop me a line OFF-LIST if any interest.

   Cross-post this to other BA Restoration lists as you see fit.


John  KB6SCO
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