[AMRadio] AM Transmitter Advice??

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Feb 18 20:56:03 EST 2006

Needless to say Bacon,  when this was the standard, I wasn't in to looking 
up the specs.  My memory was that the specifications were for taut band 
meters but I don't recall the FCC specifying a time constant for the 
manufacturers to meet.  I don't think the ones used on the Knight Kit were 

Most meters of good manufacture such as Weston, Triplett and such were of 
the acceptable standard.  Usually the government, who could not be partial 
to a particular brand, would specify the general accepted manufacturing 

As I recall the meters you pointed out in the ad for the Drake L-4B were of 
that quality but others made meters as acceptable.  As my flaky memory 
serves, only until the advent of the digital meters, did the specifications 
improve.  But one could not read the peak in digital.

This is my complaint about peak reading wattmeters.  Capacitive hold meters 
are not accurate to the standard that can be called accurate.  So now we 
have the LED reading type but I have never seen a specified range of volts 
that cause one LED to operate and the knee where the other illuminates.

Oh well, just musing and following this topic and enjoying myself.

73  Jim

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> My memory is getting old, and it was always a little
> flakey, but I really seem to remember that there was,
> at least at one time, an FCC spec on the time constant
> of the plate meters in amateur transmitters.

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