[AMRadio] 11-pin plug progress

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sat Feb 18 23:18:08 EST 2006

  Well - good thing I've got a Big Box of these little guys - they're 
"flying off the shelves" so to speak.

   To date, somewhere around 50 pieces are spoken for, in three countries 
including the US.

   Late Monday, I'll collate the requests and then start Packing. And 
packing....  and packing...   ;}

   I'm very glad that these (fairly rare) connectors came to me in enough 
quantity to keep some classic gear 'on the air'.

   Everyone who has written me so far will get a message back when I'm 
ready to ship to you.

   And I'm sure more names will be added to The List as the weekend wears 


John  KB6SCO

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