[AMRadio] Globe King questions

Robert Nickels w9ran at oneradio.net
Sun Feb 19 12:27:24 EST 2006

I'm restoring a Globe King 500B that was partially disassembled for use 
as a SSB linear.  I have the original 75K ohm 100 watt bleeder resistor 
but can't find a pair of holes that match up - can anyone tell me 
approximately where on the p/s chassis the bleeder was mounted?  (An 
under-chassis photo would be great).   I'd also like to know if the 866A 
sockets were on standoffs and the routing of the wire from center tap of 
the 2.5 volt filament tranny to the HV choke, if anyone has that kind of 
memory for detail (an under-chassis photo would be great!)

Thanks and 73,

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