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Sun Feb 19 13:26:29 EST 2006

>From: "Brian Carling" <bcarling at cfl.rr.com>

>As of 1530 ET February 7, 2006
>No doubt due to a backlog since there was quite a flurry of filing
>activity in the final 24 hours, comments dated Feb. 6 have
>appeared today on the FCC's ECFS site.  Our count will stop when
>the last 2/6/06 comment is filed.
>                                              FOR     AGAINST
>RM-11305 (CTT petition)        44              244
>RM-11306 (ARRL petition)      143             695

Roughly 5:1 against both petitions.  Reply comment period ends on the 21st.

>Look slike this ARRL Absurdity may be dead in the water if the
>FCC has an ounce of integrity left in them!

Of course, it depends on the FCC's own agenda.  Recall that comments were 
overwhelmingly in opposition the 1990 AM power reduction, but the FCC passed 
it anyway.

Still pending is the "novice refarming" and phone band expansion proceeding, 
as well as the code requirement proceeding.  I couldn't see them making a 
decision on phone band expansion that didn't address the issues brought up 
by these latest petitions.  They might issue a new NPRM, and then sometime 
down the road, another "restructuring" Report and Order combining all the 
currently pending petitions and proposals, since there are so many 
intertwined issues involved.  At least that would be the logical way to do 
it.  But remember, government people don't think like normal people.


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