[AMRadio] 4H4 Ballast

Edward B Richards zuu6k at juno.com
Mon Feb 20 01:36:29 EST 2006

Hi Bob;

Use a 6V6 in place of the 4H4 ballast tube. I have a used but good 6V6GT
and a NOS 6C4 you can have for $5 plus $2 shipping. Good luck.

73, Ed Richards K6UUZ
Simi Valley, Ca 93065
Home of the Air Force 1 pavilion

On Sun, 19 Feb 2006 22:52:04 -0500 "Bob Maser" <bmaser at tampabay.rr.com>
> It appears that I have found the problem in my HRO60.  I turned it on 
> one 
> day last week and all I could hear was floor noise.  I couldn't even 
> hear 
> the xtal calibrator and all drawers(bands) were the same.  After 
> much poking 
> and prodding and tube testing, come to find out the 4H4 has a broken 
> filament wire, which means that the HF oscillator and the mixer 
> aren't 
> getting any filament volts.  Now I need a replacement 4H4.  Anyone 
> have a 
> spare they would be willing to part with?  I have a 7H4B but when I 
> plugged 
> it in I get 12VAC out to the mixer and HF osc filaments.  My HF 
> Oscillator 
> tube 6C4 is really weak so I need one of them too.
> Help would be appreciated.
> Bob  W6TR  Florida 
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