[AMRadio] W4CJL's Taylor Super Modulation

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Mon Feb 20 22:22:46 EST 2006

I have copies of those articles which were sent to me by Hoisy himself. I 
can forward a copy by snail mail.  Need ur address.


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>Subject: [AMRadio] W4CJL's Taylor Super Modulation
>Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 13:19:02 -0900
>Does anyone know if the articles that, Don Hoisington W4CJL, wrote about
>Taylor Super Modulation still exist today ? I have contacted Electric Radio
>magazine about getting some back issues. I would like to get some copies of
>his work if it was passed along to somebody after he passed away.
>Thank You
>Tom Elmore  KA1NVZ
>Anchorage, Alaska
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