[AMRadio] League Bandwidth petition - final tally

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thanks for the input, this is what i mean, T

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I agree with Brad. As an officer of a public company I have many dealings
with the SEC and have learned to spot and  understand "Gov-Speak" in

What "I" read in that document was essentially an ominous set of pre
suppositions and condesending characturizations along with some nice doggie
head stroking.

I do not like the tone or content of the document nor do I  see anything
positive about it. The length of time it takes to make major policy
decisions is based in a historical psychological Government mentality that
the policy will be changed but it takes two years for the public to accept
it and go through the process of implementation.

I think Brad and others who view this document with suspiction are well
informed and highly sensitive as to how the Government really works in
regulatory issues.

Thanks for the bandwidth

Ron Weaver - W6OM

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