[AMRadio] Japanese Export of gear

RoadKing hogtamer at starband.net
Thu Feb 23 14:01:27 EST 2006

I received this from a friend, in California today. curious if any on 
the reflector know or were aware of this. Collins gear may get very 
reasonable quickly!

This may be interesting for anyone who collects old gear. could see
a lot of it showing up for export in the near future,

This may have an affect on the Japanese out of buying up the used
Collins gear like they have been doing for the past several years

Engadget is reporting that after April 1st (no this is not an April 
fools joke) the sale of old electronics in Japan could become much 
harder. From the article: "It seems that Japan's government revised 
its "Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law" back in April 
2001, and added a stipulation that items authorized under the 
country's old law (the "Electrical Appliance and Material Control 
Law") couldn't be sold anymore, but granted those products a 
five-year grace period. Well, if you check your convenient wall 
calendar, you'll see that the five-year period is about to end, which 
means that as of April 1, pretty much any electronic gear sold before 
April 1, 2001 can't be legally resold in Japan." The article also 
mentions that sellers can continue to sell old gear providing they 
get certification that the items conform to modern safety standards.


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