[AMRadio] Re: 1930's Old Buzzard Open Rack Transmitter Finally Sees

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Thu Feb 23 13:25:17 EST 2006

Thanks for the kudos, John! 

Could you or done describe the protective bias circuit you refer to? 
Probably could figure it out, but the group may be interested as well... 


John E. Coleman (ARS WA5BXO) writes:
> 	I really like the choice of tubes.  I don't know what a T55 is but
> probably one of the special Taylor triodes with 55 watts plate dissipation.
> Probably not a lot different than the 812s but I know that the 812s are very
> good tubes to use in a class C plate modulated rig especially if used with
> 100% grid leak bias or the configuration that Don, K4KYV, uses where there
> is a safety bias supplied thru a diode and the diode becomes reversed biased
> when RF drive causes grid leak bias.  The 100% Grid leak bias DOES make a
> difference in the modulation characteristics of the rig.
> John, WA5BXO 
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