[AMRadio] 1930's Old Buzzard Open Rack

Mike Dorworth, K4XM k4xm at arczip.com
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811/812 CCS phone dis is 27 watts with 82 watts output.

811/812 ICAS phone dis is 40 watts, with 120 watts output

811A/812A CCS Phone dis is 30 watts, with 85 watts output

811A/812A ICAS Phone dis is 45 watts, with 130 watts output.

Per RCA Transmitting tube manuals..Sadly, page 21 is missing from my Taylor
 Taylor did not use ICAS Ratings to my knowledge.
 RCA introduced those with the 1941 Tube Guides..

 The 1939 ARRL handbook, page 80 shows the phone ratings  for the T-55 as
1500 volts and 150 plate mills.Peak power output of 652 watts and a carrier
power of 168 watts..With the input of 225 watts and a output of 168 watts,
then the CCS Phone dissapation would have been 57 watts.  Mike

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> The T55 has 55 watts of plate dis, and gives 170 watts out?
> The 812A has 65 watts of plate dis and gives 130 to 150 watts out?

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