[AMRadio] Millen 90902 info needed, please.

Dennis Pharr dpharr53 at swbell.net
Thu Feb 23 20:03:51 EST 2006


You might find something useful on the James Millen Society webpage.
Although they don't have a schematic for a 2" scope, they do have schematics
for the 3" scope (90903) and the circuit may be similar such that you could
identify the value of the cap - good luck.



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Hey y'all --

I've just acquired a nice looking Millen 90902 2" monitor scope.  It 
needs recapping, however. One of the caps is an oil filled device that's 
leaked its contents.  I think it's a good candidate for replacement :-)

The problem is, I can't read its value (the label's destroyed) and I 
don't have a schematic for this scope.  Does anyone know what this cap 
is...or what might be a decent substitute.  It needs a 1 KV rating.

Many thanks and 73,

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