[AMRadio] 11-pin plug UPDATE

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Feb 24 23:00:14 EST 2006

   I have 44 Names in the Excel Spreadsheet called "Plugs Database".  Over 
300 plugs have been spoken for - in fact a few 'adjustments' need to be 
made because there will be a small underrun the way it is now - no biggie 
because many asked for a 'range' of items, ie "5-10" and I tried to 
accomodate everyone's maximum request in the initial accounting.

   I have 50 small mailing boxes due in, I had hoped this week, but no... 
so the packing will have to wait until I get them.

   In most cases, I will ask $5.00 to cover my costs - [materials, 
counting, packing, sealing, addressing, postage, mailing] that is, you 
will get a minimum of 5 plugs sent to your mailbox for that amount.  And 
you can think of it as "plugs free, S/H 5 bux" or "Plugs $1 ea, free 

   I am going to try and figure out how to distill a mailing list from the 
names in Excell - providing that is successful (and doesn't take twice as 
long as just finger-boning all the names by hand...) then some time this 
evening or tomorrow You All will get a confirmation.  And, fully half of 
the Respondents have yet to give me a mailing address, and no, I'm not 
going to look up 22 names in QRZ and copy all that down...   waaay too 
lazy for that....  ;}

    Also, a few folks came from a couple of other relectors, the 'private 
mailing' will reach them as well.


John  KB6SCO

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