[AMRadio] Collins 20V-3 for sale

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Mon Feb 27 18:54:07 EST 2006

You missed the point, entirely.  "WHY" go -there- in the first place, 
with the sarcasm, and personal attacks on a fellow ham, because YOU 
miscontrued the posters original intent? 

Do you just assume that everyone has a bone to pick with you, so you 
just lash out, without conversing about what the orignal intent of the 
message was, first?

What has happened to Hams being 'gentleman' towards each other?  
Certainly, not everyone can agree with everyone, all the time (what a 
boring place this would be, if -that- were to happen!) but what has 
happened to having respect for not only fellow humans, but for our 
fellow hams, in a *very* minor slice of humanity?

This small peice of advice will do us -all- a bit of good, if we heed it...

"Lighten up".

73 = Best Regards,

Bob Maser wrote:

> I apologize for my comments.  I thought that they were going to an 
> individual, not the entire group.
> Thanks for pointing it out to me.
>> Bob,
>>    The KW-1 sold for $3850 in 1952, so to me a cherried out and 
>> converted
>> 20V3 for $3000 in 2006 does not seem unreasonable. See the link below:
>> http://www.radioing.com/collins/tx03.html
>> I have to say though that it bothers me a lot when I see sarcasm, and 
>> angry
>> responses being exchanged on this reflector. Do we really have to go 
>> there?
>> Regards,
>> Jim Candela

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