[AMRadio] FS: AC-1, Homebrew, Command Sets, Simpson, MFJ, Pomona,

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Feb 28 09:34:09 EST 2006

For Sale. Shipping extra.

Ameco AC-1 6V6 Novice transmitter. Some scratches and
writing on top. Otherwise original and good. With
manual copy and just one coil. $249

Homebrew breadboard transmitter with single 6V6 or
6L6. Quality construction with one meter (no panel).
Looks like it is set up for 40 meters only and has a
7115 xtal in it. No power supply-just binding posts to
attach one. Very cute. $45

Another homebrew breadboard transmitter-or at least it
would be if there was any wiring. Someone got a nice
piece of hard wood, added a clear plexiglas panel,
mounted a bunch of nice vintage transmitter parts with
what looks like a miniature SW-3 dial, copper tubing
final coil, classic clip-in grid-leak, nice TC caps
and a meter from a WWII-era transmitter. The tube in
the socket is a 301A. So I guess this would be a real
flea-power QRP rig. But none of the connections are
made. So you need to figure out the circuit and wire
this up yourself. You also need to add a power supply
because there isn't one. Nice but as-is. $45

MFJ-264 1.5KW HF-UHF Dry Dummy Load. Current MFJ
product selling for $69.95. Of course 1.5KW can only
be used for 10 seconds. But 500 watts is good for 30
seconds and 100 watts is good for 3-5 minutes. So it's
a pretty useful little guy. $25

MFJ-207 Antenna/SWR analyzer HF onl;y. Current MFJ
product selling for $79.95. Like new with original
manual in original box. $33

Military WWII Switchbox BC-345. Missing knob and
modified with volume pot. $5 as-is

Military WWII dynamotor DM-36-D made by Western
Electric, 24V, with bracket, nice shape. $12

ITT Pomona New-Old-Stock in Unopened original
packaging. $10 each including padded-envelope mailing
or $7 each plus actual shipping for more than 1.

SS-7 7-Pin Miniature Socket Saver (4 available)
SS-9 9-Pin Miniature Socket Saver (3 available)
SS-12 12-Pin Compactron Socket Saver (2 available)
1447 7-Pin Miniature Tall Test Socket Adapter (3
TVS-9 9-Pin Miniature Test Scoket Adapter (4
2497 9-Pin Magnoval Test Socket Adapter (2 available)
1779 9-Pin Novar Test Socket Adapter
2749 9-Pin Novar Tall Test Socket Adapter
2742 12-Pin Compactron Tall Test Socket Adpater
2599 6JE6 Novar Cathode Current Test Adaptor With pin
   3 interupted (brought out to alligator clips)
3012 Color Cathode Current Test Adapteor  For 6GE5,
6GF5, 6GV5, 6GY5, 6HB5, 6HD5, 6HF5 with pins 
   4 and 10 interupted (brought out to alligator
1849 9-Pin Miniature Socket Saver. These are odd-too
   short to be a socket saver. Don't buy these unless 
   you are familiar with them)

BC-455-B command set receiver made by Western
Electric. This is the bare aluminum version and the
aluminum is in very nice shape. Covers 6-9.1MC. It's
all original including dynamotor connector, rear
connector and intact dynamotor mounts. But it has the
usual ham mods are on a plate over the FT-230A panel
(nicely done). Complete with all tubes. Tested and
working well (with the ham mod). Find an original
FT-230-A and this is a fine specimen of all all
original command receiver. $45

BC-455 command set receiver made by Western Electric
with dynamotor made by ARC. This is black wrinkle and
covers 6-9.1MC. It's all original but has many paint
problems. Complete with all tubes and FT-230-A
shorting box that plugs in underneath the dial.
Untested and As-is. $60

Another black BC-455 with no covers, no FT-230A, no
dyanamotor and missing a 12A6 tube. BUT there's no
unoriginal holes, pretty decent paint, and it hasn't
been touched electrically-so it's all original. It has
all original connectors and they have not been
soldered-to. So this is an easy restoration-just add
the missing stuff from a  ham-modified junker and
you're in business. Untested and as-is. $14

Simpson 260 Extravaganza. Or not. I've accumulated a
bunch of Simpson 260 stuff over the years and now
can't remember why I wanted it....

Simpson 260-a very early version that uses pin jacks
(instead of banana jacks). Looks kind of old and
scruffy but would polish up into a beauty with some
elbow grease. I added new batteries and tested the
ohms ranges, as well as the AC line voltage and it all
worked. The ohms zero adjust pot is a bit scratchy but
still works. I did not test the DC volt ranges or any
of the current ranges. As-is. $15

Simpson 260 Series 3 NOSB meter and faceplate. This is
a replacement NOS meter and faceplate for a Simpson
260 Series 3. Due to the physical changes that Simpson
made going from one series of the 260 to another, I
think this will ONLY fit a series 3 meter. Cool. $8

Simpson 260 Series 3 corrosion nightmare. This meter
looks good from the outside. It's complete and has no
cracks or chips. Inside, someone let the batteries go
REALLY bad and the corrosion leeched onto all the
internal parts.  What a mess. I cleaned it out but it
would need major surgery to ever be a meter again. So
it's a good parts donor. As-is. $6

Simpson 260 series 5 parts meter. This was dropped on
its face and the bakelite meter face is mostly missing
along with the glass, meter pointer and the function
switch knob. The case is cracked and has been glued.
The handle is bad. Inside, it's complete and nice. The
Series 5 was the one that had the overload breaker
which was nice, but also used a weird, cube-shaped 15V
battery, which was bad. As-is. $5

Aerovox 76 Capacitance/Resistance bridge. Very early
slant-front black bridge with tuning eye. Definitely
belongs on a vintage test bench somewhere. Some rust
along the bottom cabinet edge. $10

1625 Tubes. NOS in JAN or RCA boxes. Some boxes are
dirty and others have come unglued. But the boxes are
mostly in good shape. All tubes are new. $3 each. 46
to sell.

1626 Tubes. NOS in JAN or RCA boxes. $2 each. 3 to

807 tubes (5) and one 5933 (807W). These seem mostly
or all NOS but sp,e are not in original packing.

Cunningham C-376 (same as UV-876) mogul-base ballast
tube. I think this is the one used in the RAK/RAL
supply? Used but tested good. $8

Amperex 111-H. Used, looks okay. $5

Amperex R-100. Used, looks okay. $5

866A Tubes, NOSB RCA, $5 each (2 to sell).

866A Tubes, NOSB Cetron-Taylor, $4 each (2 to sell)

6CB5A Amperex NOSB, $3 each (2 to sell)

4-125 tubes, used Amperex. $10/pair

6322 Tubes, NOS JAN, Tube Lore says this is a 1285MC
tuneable tube. Unique look. Good add to any tube
display. $2 each (4 to sell)

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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