[AMRadio] GB> RCA BTA-250L Broadcast Transmitter Longview TX (fwd)

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Tue Feb 28 13:13:09 EST 2006

Reposting from Glowbugs list per Patrick's request. Please contact the 
seller, not Patrick or me, if interested. Apologies if someone else has 
already passed this along to the list. 


Patrick Jankowiak wrote: 

Could someone please post this to the AM radio list and the ham radio usenet 
newsgroups? I have no access to those. 


Patrick Jankowiak wrote: 

This is not mine. Please do not reply to me about it..
It is the same model as one I have:
It needs a new home because the classic "thunderbird" car has to go in
the garage. 

Be sure to ask the owner, below, any questions about it. I have never
seen it and know nothing about it, just helping him to get it gone from
his house. 


for sale: 

RCA BTA-250L AM broadcast Transmitter, easily convert to 160M ham
band. High fidelity push pull plate modulated AM rig. With manual
and blueprints. 

Just check out some of the specs.. 


Carrier output power 250 watts
Frequency 540 to 1600KC
Stability +/- 10Hz (internal ovens)
Modulation high level class B
AF input +16dBm (100% modulation)
AF Response +/- 1.5dB 30 cycles to 10 kilocycles
AF distortion less than 3% RMS 50 cycles to 7500 cycles
Hum and noise 60dB below 100% modulation
RF harmonics level less than 0.05% (-33dB)
Carrier shift less than 5% from 0 to 100% modulation
Power requirements 105 to 115VAC 1625W program, 1825W 100% mod. 


It's for pickup, or you-arrange-pack-n-ship. 

Contact the owner: 

Longview, Texas 

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