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John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Tue Feb 28 14:31:49 EST 2006

Well, give that guy the credit for trying. Hes got a lot of tubes to sell, so sell he shall. His advertisement is quite persuasive. I have to laugh about the test he ran, where he bases his claim for a 35 watt dissipation rating with his 6BG6. Color of plate isn't always a tip off that a tube is over dissipating. Depending on the anode contruction and material, some tubes run no color at all, while operating dangerously at maxium anode dissipation. Others go bright orange to cherry red. Usually RCA would specify this in their old tube manual, whether there would be appreciable color or not. If the tube is running excessive dissipation, it may not fail shortly but have a shortened overall life and either leak (gas), break, melt something, or sputter and arc over inside. Not to mention that it may overheat nearby objects on the chassis. 

I wonder what the audiophools would think of using a 'Horizontal Sweep Tube' in a purist application? 

John  K5PRO

> Hi All,
> Check this out, and tell me if you think this guy has discovered a gold
> mine. Here is what he says:
> "We have procured a VERY large supply of new old stock Philips/ECG (formerly
> Sylvania) 6BG6GA tubes that are PERFECT replacements for any 6L6 or 7027A"
> http://www.vacuumtubes.com/6BG6.html
> My recollection is that the 6L6, 7581, KT-66, 807, 1625, 7027, 6BG6 are all
> very similar except for maximum ratings, basing, filament voltage, plate cap
> or none, etc.
> He alleges that the late ECG 6BG6 has the same internal construction of the
> 7581, and is capable of dissipating 35 watts plate dissipation without color
> or thermal run away. I recall an add in GE HAM news about the multi-layer
> plate on a 6L6GC that made the same claim. If this guy is correct, then this
> is one heck of a deal.
> Wasn't the 6L6 the first commercial Octal based tube made?
> Regards,
> Jim

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