[AMRadio] April 1st already or a misprint

Tom tchesek at epix.net
Tue Feb 28 20:32:21 EST 2006

Again John, you missed the point. You have what a lot of people would 
consider a "pile of crap" in your shack. I happen to think that you have 
many desirable rigs. I also enjoy older equipment. I do not own an AC-1 but 
would buy one if priced very low. Others that have an emotional attachment, 
possibly due to having owned one as a Novice etc., value that rig 
differently. They don't value it on technical merits. Heck, if you went on 
technical merits you would dispose of much of what you have and only keep 
the high-end stuff, Someone might be lucky to find an AC-1 cheaply if they 
wait long enough but the reality is that right now they are very pricy. I 
have a 1960 transistor radio that I bought for $135 three years ago that now 
can be found for $60 or so. That is the marketplace fluctuation. There are 
two hams presently putting together a kit of parts for what they call the 
Ameglo GB-1. It is an AC-1 lookalike (as much as possible with today's 
materials) to help fill the void of the Ameco.

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> Tom wrote:
>> Isn't it funny that you can rationalize your purchase prices but someone 
>> else's rationalization makes him a sucker.
> You are absolutely right. "Sucker" was a bad choice of words. I apologize 
> to all those who bought AC-1's at $300-400. After all, look at what you 
> have, a dandy little 15 watt crystal controlled transmitter, complete with 
> unique chirp so you will be recognized.
> I think "idiot" would have been better.
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