[AMRadio] Cheap 6L6GC / 7581 / 7027?

Mahlon Haunschild mahlonhaunschild at cox.net
Tue Feb 28 21:43:42 EST 2006

Having personal knowledge of Mike's tube business and his associated 
test equipment and inventory (Mike and I were college classmates, and 
I've known him for more than twenty years),  I feel that I can safely 
say that what he claims is valid.

My Sylvania Technical Manual (1982 edition) confirms that their 6BG6GA 
is electrically identical to their 6L6GC/7581 types.  Mike has confirmed 
this through exhaustive tests on, among other things, his vacuum tube 

Insofar as the claim to be the same as the 7027A is concerned, the only 
way to determine that is to look a the tubes' screen grid mechanical 
design / structure, which I have.  They are the same.  QED.

Mike never claims that these Sylvania 6BG6GAs are plug-in replacements 
for 6L6GC / 7581 / 7027A types, of course you either have to add an 
anode lead/cap to your equipment or use one of the adapter kits he 
sells.  And of course neither of these would work if your equipment 
can't accommodate the increase in height due to these parts (seldom a 
problem in audio/music amplifiers, I might add).  Mike states all of 
this on his Web site.

The use of identical tube elements in different tube envelopes / bases 
was of course common practice In Those Days; as another example, the 
6JB6 and 6GJ5 are electrically identical but were manufactured with a 
slightly different base (at least in Sylvania-branded tubes).

I'm sorry if I seem like I'm a bit testy.  Mike takes his tube business 
and his customer reputation very seriously (he works HARD at it and puts 
up with a lot of crap from audiophools, etc. just to sell tubes) and is 
also well-respected by his competitors, so after reading some of today's 
digest posts I felt the need to speak up for him a bit.


Mahlon - K4OQ

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