[AMRadio] Drive Pot

Mike Sawyer w3slk at uplink.net
Sun Jan 1 11:54:50 EST 2006

    This may be a long shot but try Moyer Electronics near here in Sunbury. 
Here's their URL:
    They do a lot of catering to the local broadcast stations in the area. 
They are pretty knowledgeable and can answer technical questions as opposed 
to Shady O'Rack. Obviously they aren't open today but if you don't find what 
you are looking for with their search engines, give them a call. I was able 
to get a 20watt pot for my 1943 RCA rig from them.
Good Luck,
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Thanks for the tip Ronnie, but I didn't find what I need.  SSN has plenty of
25 K pots, but the wattage is too low.

AES doesn't have anything big enough either.

Happy New Year


> Jim try Antique Electronics or Suplus Sales in Nebraska
> Ronnie

>> Does anyone know of a source for the 25K drive pot on the Globe King
>> 500 series transmitters?
>> 73  Jim
>> W5JO

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