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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
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For Sale: Peak P-11, Boatanchor Test Gear and

Peak P-11 preselector. This is from the early 1930's.
These were used to provide an RF stage ahead of the
detector on receivers like the Hammarlund Comet Pro
which had no such RF stage. Nice condition outside.
Dirty inside. The Peak P-11 takes its power from the
host receiver. A cord is provided. Also included is a
sheet with the "operating instructions" and schematic
with hookup diagrams from Eastern Radio Specialty Co.,
NY, NY. Complete. Untested. As-is. $125

Test Gear

Industrial Instruments Capacitance Decade Box Model
DK5A. .01 to 11.1MFD in increments of .01 MFD. This is
in a large-ish wooden box with polished bakelite front
panel. 3 knobs and 2 binding posts do all the work. 
As-is. Untested. $10

Heathkit SP-2718 Tri-Power solid state power supply.
This has 5V at 1.5A and 2 variable outputs )-20V at up
to 0.5A. Meter switch for volts and amps on all
outputs. Rust on screw heads. Otherwise looks good.
Working perfectly. With original manual. $25

Heathkit IT-28 Capacitor Checker. This is in the tan
paint scheme. Tuning -eye type checker for all types
of capacitors. I ran this up and the variac-the eye
lights up and it doesn't smoke. Otherwise untested.
Looks good but the plastic parts are missing from 3 of
the six binding posts. Bright 6E5 eye. $30

Heathkit HM-15 reflected power meter. Some spots on
top of cabinet, maybe from scotch tape. Otherwise
looks sharp. Untested. $10

Tektronix S-30 Delta Standards For Calibration of Type
130 LC Meter. This is a small Tek Blue box with
standard caps, resistors and coils all selectable from
a rotary knob.  This probably needs some contact
cleaning but is otherwise in good shape with a couple
paint chips. $15

Heathkit SG-18A Sine-Square Audio Generator. Good for
up to 100khz. Amplitude metered. Nice, compact, solid
state unit. Tested and working well. Looks good. $20

Tektronix 190B Constant Amplitude Signal Generator
with the output cord and the 190B attenuator. This
seems to be working right. But it has a dirty meter
zero adjust pot and bad contacts on the pilot lamp.
Looks good but the pseudo-leather handle is crumbling.

HP 4265A Universal Bridge. This is a typical repair
bench bridge from 1973. With original manual and sales
receipt ($510 in 1973). Covers L C and R with
mechanical digital readout. Has options for connecting
HP VTVM etc on rear panel. Has DC bias for L and C
measurements. Variable test frequency from 50hz to
10khz. Solid state with carry handle. Seems to be
working correctly but switches and pots need cleaning.

Heathkit Q Meter. This is the slant-front long gray
cabinet unit. Some corrosion spots on top. Complete
but no calibration coil or manual. As-is. $10

Heathkit GD-1B Grid Dip Meter with all coils, coil box
and original manual with oversize drawings. Looks good
but missing small knob (which isn't really needed
anyway). Untested but should come up okay on the
variac. $30

Eico Model 710 Grid dip meter. Has all HF coil but is
missing the VHF 110-250mc one. With bottom part of
coil box. Nice shape with some wear around the tuning
knob. $20

IBM VOM. Actually, this is made by Triplett for IBM
and looks just like the tiny Triplett Model 310. But
the ranges are different-probably IBM-specific: DCV 3,
6, 12 and taps for 30 an 60VDC; Ohms times 1, 10, 100
and 1K, ACV 3, 12, 60, 300. 20K ohms per volt DC. With
test prods with screw-on alligator clips (this is
important with these little Triplett meters because
they use a non-standard jack size for the test leads).
Working well. $25

General Radio 505-G Standard Capacitor-0.002uf. Used
but like new in the original box. This is for checking
the accuracy of your capacitor checker or bridge. Uses
binding posts for connections. Looks like a
medium-size mica transmitting cap. $8  

Tektronix P6008 oscilloscope probe 10X, 10Mohm, 7pf
with 3 foot cord and BNC connector. $8

Build a crystal set: Philmore Fixed Crystal Detector.
These are tiny, round plug-in crystals for building
crystal sets. NOS in beat-up boxes. Two To sell. $8
each. Also, if someone has one of these without the
engraved brass plate that goes on top, I have one of
those plates free for the asking.

General Radio 544-B Megohm Bridge. Large, heavy
wooden-case bridge with instructions in the lid.
Complete, with many scuffs on the wooden case. But the
inside is nice. Untested. As-is. $25

LITERATURE. Media Mail Postage $2.

RCA Ham Tips 9/39 and Jan-Feb 1940. RCA 806 amp in one
and cathode modulation covered in the other. $2/both

RCA Engineering Memorandum EM-2296 Notes on The
Measurement of Capacity By Substitution In An
Oscillator Tank by W. J. Frantz, 1944 mimeograph with
covers. $5

Kendall Clough, Complete Dynamic Testing Step-By-Step
With Time Saving Cathode Ray. This is a Clough-Brengle
oscilloscope tutorial. About 25 Pages. 1938. With
another CB page showing tube settings for some of
their tube testers. Excellent. $10

Meagher and Markley, Practical Analysis of UHF
Transmission lines, Resonant Sections, Resonant
Cavities and Wave Guides, RCA, 1943, 24 pages, writing
on front. $3

Signalite Application News, 14 issues, undatedbut
probably from the late 1960's. This company (a
division of General Instrument) must have made neon
glow lamps because almost all the articles are about
them-examples: Design, Operationand Application of
neon Glow Lamps, Multilayer Board Checker (using neon
glow lamps), Three Element Lamp Overload sensing
Circuit, and A Stabilized Vlotage Source Using Neon
Glow Lamps For Reference and Protection. $5 for all.

Weston Engineering Notes, Vol. 1 numbers 2 and 4,
1946. #4 covers the Westion 686 Mutual Conductance
Tube Tester. $3 for both.

Weston, General Instructions for the Use of Weston
Thermocouple Type Instruments On High Frequencies,
1940, 2 pages with wiring diagrams or 10 different
Weston thermocouple type meters. $3

Weston Engineering Notes, Vol. 1 number 2. Covers the
Weston model 799 Insulation Tester and other topics.

General Radio Experimenter, Volume 27, number 3
(August, 1952). Covers A Guard Circuit For The
Capacitance Bridge. $0.50

Boonton Radio Corporation, The Notebook number 20
(Winter, 1959), covers Noise Limited Receiver
Sensitivity Measurement Technique. $1

Tektronix Literature Set: 1971 Tek calendar with great
pictures, Tek catalogs from 1955 and 1957, plus 5
Issues of Tektronix Service Scope, numbers 21, 32, 33,
34 and 41 dated 1963-1965. Typical topics: Noise-Some
Basic Data, Getting Acquainted With Spectrum Analyzers
and Introduction To Oscilloscope Differential
Amplifiers. $25 for all.

Sperry Brochures: RTL (an IC), Reflectoscope (several
brochures and instructions), 1950 Products Bulletin
with great pictures. $2/all

Electronics World, 9/65. Hole-Punched. $1

ARRL, FM & Repeaters for the Radio Amateur, 1978. $2

Howard W. Sams, Electronics Reference Data, Volumes 1
and 2, 1957-1959, $3

Nortronics Magnetic Tape Heads, Specs and General
Information, 1967. $1

Fenwal Electronics Capsule Thermistor Course, 25
pages, 1965. $1

Aerovox Industrial Catalog, 1967, 60+ pages. $1

Indiana General Torroids Catalogs (3): Broad-Band
Rated, Pulse-Rated and Inverter-Rated. 1972. $1

Elmwood Sensors Precision Thermostats Data Sheet,
1971. Free

Columbia Technical Corp., High Impedance Delay Lines,
catalog & data, 1971. $1

Oak Stock Switches, brochure, undated (1960s). Free.

MANUALS: $5 each

General Radio Type 667-A Inuctance Bridge
Daven OP-Series Power Output Meter
RCA Volt-Ohmyst Type 195-A
RCA Type TX-1834-501 Modulation Percentage Meter,
mimeo, no covers or schematic
Clegg Laboratories Model SP-1P Spike Generator
Weston Model 772 Type 6 Super Sensitive Analyzer
CGS Laboratories Increductor (Variable Inductance)
Mirage A1015 6 Meter Power Amplifier
Panoramic Radio Corp. Panalyzor Model HS-1 Type T-200
Leeds and Northrup, Directions for Operation Type S
Test Set, 
   with booklet: Notes On Fault Location In Cables


EDN Low Cost Transistor Data Reference, Cahners, 1966,
24 page. $2

Data Sheet Collection. This is a group of about 30
early solid state device data sheets. The
manufacturers represented in the group are ITT,
Siliconix, GE, HPA (hot carrier diodes), RCA,
Fairchild, Motorola and Texas Instruments (includes
1966 TI catalog). $5 for all.

Amelco Semiconductor, Field Effect Transistor
Application Notes, Volume 1, 2, 3 and 7, plus Cascode
FET Applications and Application of Operational
Amplifiers. All dated 1962-1966. Each one is about 15
pages in 8.5 x 11 inch format. $4/all.

GE Transistor Reference Guide, 1953. $2

CBS-Hytron Transistor Manual, undated but about 1955.

CBS Semiconductors Transistor Home Study Course with
projects, Lessons 1 through 10. Nice. $5/all.

RCA Transistor Fundamentals and Applications, 1958.
Nice. $2

Signetics Linear Integrated Circuits, Vol. 1, 1972. $2

National Semiconductor Corporation, Linear
Applications, 1972. $2

Lockheed Electronics, An Engineer's Guide to Printed
Circuit Board Design, 1965. $2

Shockley Transistor Corporation Set of 5 data sheets
for various early transistors and diodes, 1959, $3

WANTED: Manual for Paco model G-15 Grid Dip Meter.
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