[AMRadio] FS: rebuilt LPB broadcast console

Craig Roberts crgrbrts at verizon.net
Wed Jan 4 10:25:11 EST 2006

Here's a nice "board" for your AM station.  It's an LPB mono solid state 
broadcast console from the '70's. This one was especically popular in 
newsrooms of the day (I worked behind a couple myself) and features 8 
input channels (3 for mikes) and a 600 ohm line output plus cue and 
audition lines.  A cue/audtion speaker is built into the console.

This LPB board was built for day-in/day-out broadcast use, so it's 
extremely rugged.  Consoles of this quality today start at a couple 
thousand dollars (I know, I just bought a very basic five channel one 
for $2,195, simply because I need stereo for my commercial and narration 
production work).

I've recapped this board and installed new transistors -- including the 
output pair -- as needed.  You'll have to wire up the inputs and outputs 
as you want them -- just like the broadcast engineers did.  But, LPB is 
still in business and one nice fella there will cheerfully help you with 
this old girl, if you need advice.

The cosmetic condition is very good.  It was used in a radio station, so 
it's certainly not "collector quality".  It's got some scuffs and 
scratches and the VU meter lens has a crack in it, but I've cleaned her 
up nicely.

Excruciatingly detailed photos are posted on my website:


Add this nice broadcast console to your station for just $125.00 plus 
shipping from 20902.  Pay Pal preferred, please.

Thanks and 73,


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