[AMRadio] Survivor of WVA mining accident is a ham

david knepper collinsradio at adelphia.net
Sat Jan 7 08:14:54 EST 2006

Let's surprise this brave young man with a flood of QSL cards.


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> The only survivor of the January 3 mine explosion in Tallmansville, West
> Virginia is Randal McCloy Jr, KC8VKZ, of Philippi, West Virginia. At press
> time, he was listed in critical condition at Allegheny General Hospital in
> Pittsburgh, where he is undergoing specialized treatment. Hams may wish to
> send a note of support on a QSL card to:
> Randal L McCloy Jr, KC8VKZ
> PO BOX 223
> Philippi, WV 26435
> Please spread the word!!!
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