[AMRadio] 7285Kc tomorrow/Saturday

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sat Jan 7 19:03:59 EST 2006

I wemnt back to W8VYZ in Ashtabula, OH twice but he couldn't 
hear me.
Gary WD4NKA near me worked N4RGR on 7295.
Lousy lousy condx today!

On 7 Jan 2006 at 18:30, Mark K3MSB wrote:

> Bry (et al):
> How'd ya make out?   I was on 40 shortly after 9 AM but heard no AM
> activity.   I called CQ several times on 7290 and a very weak station
> came back (w4am ??) but couldn't get his call.  Afterwards N8YHY came
> back and we yakked for about 45 minutes.  Wandered down the band
> afterwards to chat with VJB for a few minutes, but didn't hear you.
> Paul -- You were very strong up here when I fist heard ya which was
> surprising on 40M considering that we're only about 60 miles apart.  
> Ashtabula Bill plopped right on top of ya and what a monster
> heterodyne that made!!  Bill finally wandered off (either because
> nobody answered him or he heard me tell him the freq was busy....). 
> Had to jockey the controls to hear you throught that one.... argh!!
> Mark K3MSB
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