[AMRadio] 7285Kc tomorrow/Saturday

Craig Roberts crgrbrts at verizon.net
Sat Jan 7 19:30:24 EST 2006

Hey y'all,

I was in the messy mix this morning on 7285 (about 10 AM EST). I heard 
no one, checked for a clear frequency and called CQ.  Ashtabula Bill 
came back at about 10 over 9 and seemed to be alone.  He, however, heard 
Paul at equal strength with me.  On the second go-round, I heard Paul, 
too, way down in the noise, but couldn't hear his correspondent.  I cut 
the QSO short with Bill so as not to interfere with you guys. Moving 
over to 7295, I had a short chat with WD8-Bud-In-Loraine (OH) and Dave, 
W3NP. before they both were swallowed by atmospherics. Not a very 
productive morning.

I apologise for stepping on anyone's toes.  It was unintentional, I 
assure you.  Let's try again tomorrow.



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