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Hi Brett -

Nice looking work. You must take your time, and I'm guessing enjoy some wine
as you build. :-)

Is that an amplifier or an exciter? I'm curious about the vernier dials.
I've never seen them used
except on a self-excited radio where the tuning is *VERY* critical.
Otehrwise it would seem
like a real pain to have to twist the knob so many times to go from one band
to another.


Mark W1EOF

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> If it does not need to be real small, one way to get a good coil
> is to wind one out of copper tubing.
> Home depot sells various types, small/thin, bigger and thicker...
> I made the pi net tank coil for the pair of 4D32 rf deck out of copper
> tubing,
> I soldered big wire terminal lugs (the crimp on type) on the ends of the
> coil and bolted it to large ceramic standoff insulators.
> Here is a link to a picture:
> http://wa5bxo.shacknet.nu/N2DTS/new%20coil-a.JPG
> My thanks to wa5bxo who still has my pictures up!
> The wine bottle in the picture was used to wind the tubing on.
> The home brew receivers are in the background...
> Brett

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