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Brett gazdzinski Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
Sun Jan 8 21:33:42 EST 2006

It's a 40 meter only class C RF deck, two 4D32 tubes in parallel pie net
I use the vernier drives because they have numbers and pointers, so I can
reset things to
where they need to be.
On the other multi band rigs, I mount a chart that lists the settings for
each band.
This rig is only one band, but I wanted it to match the others.
I use the same meters, the same knobs, the same switches, lights, etc. on
each rig.

I had the rig in the picture on the air a few weeks ago, using a modulator
from another rig.
The rf deck, control deck, and power supply are done, I need to build the
modulator deck, and its power supply.

I was running it at 1200 volts at about 300 ma for about 250 watts out, and
tried 1500 volts for a while.
It seemed to work quite well.


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Hi Brett -

Nice looking work. You must take your time, and I'm guessing enjoy some wine
as you build. :-)

Is that an amplifier or an exciter? I'm curious about the vernier dials.
I've never seen them used
except on a self-excited radio where the tuning is *VERY* critical.
Otehrwise it would seem
like a real pain to have to twist the knob so many times to go from one band
to another.


Mark W1EOF

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