[AMRadio] 40m, mystery band

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 11:30:08 EST 2006

Not everyone was hearing each other, typical 40 meter
behavior. Blame it on the band.

Had a nice 90 minute chat with Gary, WA4IAM on 7285Kc
Saturday. He was 20-25+, and we soon slid down to
7280Kc where I then was able to open the receiver up a
bit more. As an ex-broadcaster, Gary e has a nice
mellow voice that sounds excellent on AM.  I also
heard Craig, W3CRR way down, apparently hooking up
with Bill W8VYZ near where we were chatting.  I later
figured out that Craig and I may have called CQ at
about the same time, 10A or so, and where Bill had
heard and answered him, Gary had heard and answered
me, with the resulting aforementioned mess. That's the
mystery of 40 meters I guess. I came back ground 2P or
so to check whether I could hear Dennis, QHO and any
of the western stations, but nothing around. By 3 the
international AM stations were coming in 10+ so I
moved down low on 75m.

There, had a great time with a trivia contest as to
the "B" sides of various 45RPM records from the
collection of Paul, K2ORC and his wife Peg. I didn't
win any prizes, but the subject matter sprang from a
schedule note -- prominent Buffalo AMer W2KBW, who
works at Buffalo's WKBW, was going to be on 1520 later
that night. Tom yesterday got on with us to discuss
their sock-hop show. 

What a nice crossover between AM stations...


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