[AMRadio] Millen High Voltage Connectors

Ed Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Mon Jan 9 16:00:35 EST 2006

Hi Dave,

I solved the problem of HV B+ arc-overs here by exclusively using NOTHING
but good-quality SO-239 coax receptacles, & RG-8 coax lines for the B+
leads, terminated in good-quality PL-259's...

Works like the proverbial charm --- have yet to encounter ANY arc-over
failures since adopting this approach universally at my station in the late

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

PS: Emphasis on the words "...good-quality" --- NONE OF THAT CHINESE JUNK

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> My homebrew transmitter,  designed by Stan, W3TGR now a silent key,  is
> going through exhaustive and often frustrating testing.  Stan used lots of
> shielded wire - you know the Belden stuff that is deteriorating over time
> with brittle insulation on the wire. I had to replace several leads
> the center conductor was shorting to ground when the insulation became
> brittle.  So it goes ...
> Today, I thought that I had finally debugged the unit - pair of 813's
> modulated by 805's - but I heard the troubling sound of high voltage to
> ground.  Measuring the Millen connectors to ground revealed a short.  Here
> the Millen connectors on the modulator were arcing to ground on the
> secondary side of the modulation transformer running from the high voltage
> through the secondary winding to the PA amplifier.   I am using those
> tan units that are supposed to be better than the red connectors.  Stan
> these connectors on the PA amplifier, the modulator deck, and the high
> voltage power supply.
> I suppose that under modulation that the peaks exceeded the voltage rating
> of the Millen connectors.  Once before many years ago, I had the same
> problem.  However, these connectors are often used in homebrew
> projects as described in the ARRL handbook.
> Any ideas out there other than to go with ceramic feedthrough insulators.
> Perhaps, it is because of their age and the insulation is breaking down.
> Who knows!
> Thanks
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