[AMRadio] ARRL bandwidth petition draws anti-AM'ers out of the

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Wed Jan 11 17:18:08 EST 2006

Donald Chester wrote:

> Proceeding: RM-11306     Type Code: CO
> Date Received/Adopted: 01/10/06    Date Released/Denied:
> Document Type: COMMENT    Total Pages: 1
> File Number/Community:    DA/FCC Number:
> Filed on Behalf of: Richard L. Tannehill
> Filed By:
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> Complete Mailing Address:
> 5410 W. diana Ave.
> Glendale, AZ 85302 -4870
> Brief Comment
> I agree with the ARRL petition for regulation by bandwidth, and 
> support it, with one major exception.
> The League claims that their plan does not favor one mode over 
> another. Not true. It favors AM-DSB
> operators. It would allow for 9 KHz AM modulation, in bands which 
> otherwise are limited to 3.5 KHz.
> These include the lower HF bands, which are quite crowded at times. 
> The solution is simply to
> restrict AM-DSB to above 28.5 MHz. (10 meters & above) Amateurs and 
> the league have been
> upset in the past over wide-SSB modulation, meant to improve audio 
> quality. AM is no different from
> this. It is an old modulation that adds nothing to advancing the 
> technological art, and should be
> confined to bands where there is ample spectrum available.
> Richard L. Tannehill P.E. - W7RT
> ARRL Life Member
> (45-years amateur licensed)

Who does he think invented Class D/E?  Engineers that were -not- hams?  
I'm not sure what the percentage is, but I think it's actually fairly 
high, that the number station engineers (for lack of a better term, in 
today's times) who do work in radio/broadcasting, are also ham radio 

In 1996, I was introduced to a Class E 40m amplifier, that looks no 
bigger (if not smaller) than the two transistor, solid-state amp I use 
for mobile operation, and the Class E amp used 1 device.  12v @ 50amps, 
I think, for something like 500w CW. 

In the late 1990's, John/WA5BXO was using solid-state circuitry to 
directly drive the grids of a Class B modulator.  Now, that was some 
radical thinking, and the old timers let him know about it... that is, 
until they heard it.  They were convinced.

For someone to say that there's no advancement in the 'old modulation', 
with "nothing to advancing the technological art", my reply is "go back 
and do your homework, before such a blanket statement is made.

45 years as a ham... probably got a ticket when he around 20'ish.. 

I'm reminded of a new-classic, favorite, one-liner...

"Why is it that the narrowest of minds,
are found in the fattest of heads?"

73 = Best Regards,

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