[AMRadio] ARRL bandwidth petition draws anti-AM'ers out of

Brian bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Wed Jan 11 21:13:46 EST 2006

This guy is VERY short sighted if he thinks AM is going to be
a big problem. He hasn't heard ANYTHING until he has heard the
band-polluting garbage waiting in the wings from the digital
modes that ARRL wants to be used from DC to Daylight!

The pests that push Winlink/Pactor on amateur radio have 
their careless, hazardous operation for a few years now.

I will no longer to pay to help ARRL destroy amateur radio
with their foolish, ill-considered bandwidth proposals
and the dishonest claim that they have adequately consulted
radio amateurs before making this proposal.
It has been roundly rejected by the vast majority of hams
in discussions in a variety of forums. Yet they blindly
press on!

I don't place much greater hope in FCC any more.
But we should all let them know how disgusted we are with the

Your opinion may vary. My mind is made up.

Yes, the behavior of the anti-AMers is absurd too!
They need to get something other than air between their ears!

On Wed Jan 11 14:02:11 PST 2006, Donald Chester 
<k4kyv at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Proceeding: RM-11306     Type Code: CO
> Date Received/Adopted: 01/10/06    Date Released/Denied:
> Document Type: COMMENT    Total Pages: 1
> File Number/Community:    DA/FCC Number:
> Filed on Behalf of: Richard L. Tannehill
> Filed By:
> Attorney/Author Name:    Document Date:
> Complete Mailing Address:
> 5410 W. diana Ave.
> Glendale, AZ 85302 -4870
> Brief Comment
> I agree with the ARRL petition for regulation by bandwidth, and 
> support it, with one major exception.
> The League claims that their plan does not favor one mode over 
> another. Not true. It favors AM-DSB
> operators. It would allow for 9 KHz AM modulation, in bands which 
> otherwise are limited to 3.5 KHz.
> These include the lower HF bands, which are quite crowded at 
> times. The solution is simply to
> restrict AM-DSB to above 28.5 MHz. (10 meters & above) Amateurs 
> and the league have been
> upset in the past over wide-SSB modulation, meant to improve 
> audio quality. AM is no different from
> this. It is an old modulation that adds nothing to advancing the 
> technological art, and should be
> confined to bands where there is ample spectrum available.
> Richard L. Tannehill P.E. - W7RT
> ARRL Life Member
> (45-years amateur licensed)
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