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Your proposal makes perfect sense.  That is why it probably stands little or no chance of being accepted.  It seems that common sense and cooperative coexistence of diverse interests within the hobby are fast disappearing.  

While I have a great deal of respect for anyone with a PE.  I am very suspicious of anyone, including Mr. Tannehill, who insists upon flaunting their professional credentials to intimidate or otherwise overpower others who have a difference of opinion.  We a talking about Amateur radio here!

Here is hoping that, in spite of recent fiascos such as BPL, that some sort of reason prevails at the FCC.

73,  Jack, W9GT

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From: "Clay Curtiss W7CE" <w7ce at curtiss.net> 

> > AM is no different from 
> > this. It is an old modulation that adds nothing to advancing the 
> > technological art, and should be 
> > confined to bands where there is ample spectrum available. 
> > 
> > Richard L. Tannehill P.E. - W7RT 
> Based on his argument, CW, SSB, FM and RTTY should be eliminated also. All 
> are VERY old technologies that could be replaced with high tech digital 
> modes. There's room in ham radio for all of our sub-hobbies. I wish 
> everyone would quit acting like their particulat interests are the only 
> valid parts of the hobby. 
> Personally, I like operating vintage equipment on AM, chasing DX especially 
> on 80M and 6M, and designing antennas. I haven't ever used any of the 
> digital modes which is kind of ironic since I am an Electrical Engineer and 
> design digital ICs for a living (including some digital modulation systems 
> that use DSP). I plan to start building on EME station so I may go digital 
> to work stations below the noise. Somehow I don't think that will be as 
> satisfying as hearing my own CW echo off the moon though. 
> I like to see most HF bands segmented into three regions: 
> 1. CW only (probably about 50-75 kHz per band 
> 2. Digital modes only (another 50-75 kHz per band) 
> 3. Phone only (SSB, AM, Hi-Fi SSB, FM, and whatever else) on the rest of 
> the band 
> Each region would be exclusive for the specified modes. This would cut down 
> on cross-mode QRM in general and especially during contests. While not 
> specified above, a small segment of each band reserved exclusively for 
> legacy modes (like AM) would be nice. I suspect that this plan is way too 
> simple for most, but it seems like it would work and it's not that big of 
> change from the way the HF bands are used today. 
> 73, 
> Clay W7CE 
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