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VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 13:19:29 EST 2006

Comment filed on the FCC page in favor of 11306.

Here is a gentleman who misunderstands the historic
leadership of the AM community in volunteering to
coordinate our QSOs in a given area to minimize
friction with other modes and activities. The ARRL
does not do the allowing. He fails to realize that
this offer to coordinate was supposed to generate
reciprocal respect from users of incompatible modes.

In the filing, he says:

"The ARRL bandwidth proposal appears workable with one
exception, allowing double sideband AM 9kHz. SSB was
created to conserve spectrum and allow more stations
to operate in a given bandwidth. AM stations were
allowed to operate in certain segments of each band in
accordance with the ARRL voluntary band plan to reduce
destructive interference to SSB stations. In recent
years some of these AM stations have chosen to violate
the band plan and operate anywhere in the phone bands,
creating harmful interference to SSB operations (this
is particularly evident on the 80 meter band). If the
FCC is to allow 9 kHz for these stations, rules should
be implemented to restrict these stations to a 4.5 kHz
bandwidth (SSB AM) if they do not abide by the ARRL
band plan."

W4VR/1  Extra, ex K1YIW
Ron Grandmaison
1913 Sly Brook Rd.
Eagle Lake, ME 04739

Surprisingly, old Ron has a broadcast engineering
background (you would think he would have an
appreciation for AM).

Check his profile on QRZ.com.

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