[AMRadio] Good solid state/hybrid rigs for AM use

Brett gazdzinski Brett.gazdzinski at mci.com
Thu Jan 12 15:22:16 EST 2006

Keep in mind, when you run the 32V2, you should get 80/90 watts
out in the high voltage position (and should have solid state rectifiers), 
but running an ft101, and others of its ilk, you get about 20 watts out.

Much also depends on your voice, the microphone, its match to the radio,
any filters in the TX path in the radio, the distortion levels of the audio
circuits in the radio, etc.

Most modern radios have very noisy IC chips, both on RX and TX.

Then there is the amplifier, any SSB rig is using the output tubes
as an amplifier, which may or may not be very clean when run in AM
mode, the ALC may screw things up, and any amp to get the signal up to
300 watts out will only add more distortion.

I have heard some great sounding signals using just a microphone
like a Sure 55s into a 32v3, or a d104 into various rigs, I think
it depends on the voice, the rig, the microphone...

I sound poor no matter what I do....


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> I had a 40 meter chat the other day with one of our AM cronies, a 
> retired broadcast engineer.  He sounded terrific using a high-grade 
> vocalist's mike straight into a late '70's era hybrid rig.  He's a 
> subscriber to the "less is more" and "'KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid" 
> philosophies.  After hearing his clean, broadcast quality 
> signal, I must 
> agree to his point of view.
> This brings me to my question.  In your experience and 
> opinion, what is 
> a good solid state or hybrid rig for full, "real" double-sideband AM 
> use?  My friend was, obviously, using one of the better ones (I 
> purposely haven't revealed his choice), but I'd like some 
> other ideas, 
> too.  I'm perfectly happy with my gen-u-wine Howard Mills 
> 32V-2, but a 
> solid state or hybrid transmitter-- other than a $10,000 
> Nautel -- would 
> be nice to have, too.
> Many thanks and 73,
> Craig
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