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rbethman at comcast.net rbethman at comcast.net
Thu Jan 12 16:19:13 EST 2006

I find it interesting that some comments seem to support doing away with AM, while the list name is AM Radio.

While I am indeed only a General, mostly due to first - Military service and travels.  Second to not having the foresight to consider the benefits of upgrade.  I find that  ALL methods of HF communications CAN and DO "spread" entirely too far on the bands.

This is a "personal" observation.  I DO believe that we ALL have experienced this.  The cause(s) is/are TO much gain, non-linearity, and now digital signals.

While indeed "change" IS inevitable, I do NOT believe that ANY operating method should simply go the way of the "dinosaur" because of change.

There DOES have to be "some" harnessing of digital methods due to the "nature" of ANY switching methodology.  Just tie an oscilloscope to an on/off 120VAC switch and observe the results of the use of the switch.  You will be amazed of the spikes involved if you have never done this!

I can NOT understand why ANY mode HAS to go away.  No intellectual sense is being made.

Does SSB, CW AND AM "have" to go away?  WHY?

Bob - N0DGN

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