[AMRadio] Comments on AM Radio

Bob Scupp k5sep at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 16:40:37 EST 2006

"I can NOT understand why ANY mode HAS to go away.  No
intellectual sense is being made.

Does SSB, CW AND AM "have" to go away?  WHY?"

Bob - N0DGN


I agree that even though the HF Bands can get crowded
that we can reasonably accommodate all modes of
Amateur Radio communications! The FCC expects the
Amateur Community to do everything it can to be
self-policing and within that self-managing for years.
We have been warned in many FCC Amateur Radio
Rulemaking proceedings that if we do not, THEY WILL!
Unfortunately if they did, the consequences of this
would be eagerly received by those who would pay for
the frequencies we have now. Let's not do anything to
give them the ammunition.



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