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Your proposal makes perfect sense.  That is why it  probably stands little or 
no chance of being accepted.  It seems that  common sense and cooperative 
coexistence of diverse interests within the hobby  are fast disappearing.  

While I have a great deal of respect for  anyone with a PE.  I am very 
suspicious of anyone, including Mr.  Tannehill, who insists upon flaunting their 
professional credentials to  intimidate or otherwise overpower others who have a 
difference of  opinion.  We a talking about Amateur radio here!

Here is hoping  that, in spite of recent fiascos such as BPL, that some sort 
of reason  prevails at the FCC.

73,  Jack, W9GT

Hi Jack,
I sent a reply to you and the list this morning and never saw it come thru.  
At this point it is moot.
I did think the same thing as you mentioned in your reply. i threw in  
"narrow vision" as one of his strong points also.
73's Bob AB3L

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