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W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Fri Jan 13 09:52:26 EST 2006

As you can see, this mental midget has no desire to learn actually -how- 
things are done.  He just wants to bitch.

Again, I'm reminded of the saying/phrase:

"Why are the narrowest of minds,
found in the fattest of heads?"

73 = Best Regards,

Ron Grandmaison wrote:

> */OMR...don't complain to me directly you idiot...do it through the 
> FCC web site.  I'm not the only one bitching about you AM jerks 
> wandering all over the bands.  I was on AM when you still had your 
> diapers on.  CHU does ssb AM...you can do it too if you have the 
> brains to modify your equipment...but I doubt that you do./*
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>     >"The ARRL bandwidth proposal appears workable with one
>     >exception, allowing double sideband AM 9kHz. SSB was
>     >created to conserve spectrum and allow more stations
>     >to operate in a given bandwidth. AM stations were
>     >allowed to operate in certain segments of each band in
>     >accordance with the ARRL voluntary band plan to reduce
>     >destructive interference to SSB stations. In recent
>     >years some of these AM stations have chosen to violate
>     >the band plan and operate anywhere in the phone bands,
>     >creating harmful interference to SSB operations (this
>     >is particularly evident on the 80 meter band). If the
>     >FCC is to allow 9 kHz for these stations, rules should
>     >be implemented to restrict these stations to a 4.5 kHz
>     >bandwidth (SSB AM) if they do not abide by the ARRL
>     >band plan."
>     >
>     How about, before you open your mouth to insert your foot, let's
>     get you
>     educated, first.  What do you say?  Would you agree that
>     "knowledge is
>     power!"?
>     I knew you would.
>     First off... AM stations are not -allowed- to operate in a certain
>     segments of the band.  AM operation is allowed, by part 97 Rules and
>     Regulations, wherever phone operation is allowed, unless specifically
>     stated (one example that comes to mind, is 60m, where each
>     'channel' is
>     limited to USB -only-.  Another is the Novice Sub-band from 28.3 ~
>     28.5Mc where the mode is limited to USB, only, and 200w)
>     Speaking of Part 97, it -is- the FCC that sets the rules, for our
>     operations, as hams, NOT the Armanian Rump Rubbers League.  All
>     the ARRL
>     is, is a liason between Hams and the FCC.  Lots of people don't agree
>     that we hams should only have the one voice represent the needs of
>     -all-
>     hams, nationwide.  Count me among them.
>     Using your own verbage, the ARRL Bandplan is -voluntary-.  Nothing
>     says
>     it -has- to be adhered to.  See my earlier comments on where AM is
>     allowed to be operated.
>     Again, using your woefully uneducated statements, and based on your
>     -beliefs-, let me ask you this...
>     How many QSO's do you hear on 146.52Mc, simplex?  Or, 52.525,
>     simplex? 
>     Or even 29.6Mc?  If someone were to move off of 146.52, up to say,
>     146.54 and have a QSO, would you consider them to be 'out of band'? 
>     That's exactly what you're doing, when you try to segregate AM
>     operators
>     from the rest of Hamdom...  Y'see, the ARRL bandplans *I've* read,
>     suggest that (on 75m) 3.885Mc is the AM -Calling Frequency-.  Much
>     like
>     29.6, 52.525, 146.52, 446.00Mc are -calling frequencies-.  You
>     make your
>     call, establish contact, move off.  The -calling frequencies- for
>     AM are
>     only listed as that, in the band-plan.. -Calling frequencies-.
>     If you're concerend that AM is too wide, then would you rather
>     hear +/-
>     2.5kc deviation FM on the hambands?  It's only 5kc wide...
>     "rules should be implemented to restrict these stations to a 4.5kHz
>     bandwidth (SSB AM) if they do not abide by the ARRL band plan."
>     You, yourself, earlier said that it was 'voluntary'.  Tell me, oh
>     unwise
>     one, how you plan to accuse, and bring charges against someone,
>     simply
>     because you percieve that this individual is violating the
>     'volunteer'/suggested ARRL Band plan (that the ARRL has no
>     authority to
>     impose)?
>     You need some education, sir.
>     ---
>     73 = Best Regards
>     (Remember, the last 2 letters in HAM are AM!)
>     -Geoff/W5OMR

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