[AMRadio] Good solid state/hybrid rigs for AM use

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Fri Jan 13 13:48:23 EST 2006

Mike - there is not any reason to think it wouldn't work fine
if you went to solid state rectifiers and put a 30-40 ohm resistor 
in series with each, and use an inrush protector on the primary 
of the  plate transformer.

Nothing wrong with tube rectifiers either for that matter!

On 12 Jan 2006 at 18:43, Mike Dorworth, K4XM wrote:
> > Keep in mind, when you run the 32V2, you should get 80/90 watts
> > out in the high voltage position (and should have solid state rectifiers),
> > but running an ft101, and others of its ilk, you get about 20 watts out.
> My 32V3 gets 107 (exactly) watts out in HV position with 121 volts AC input
> and using the original tube rectifiers. I would be afraid to use solid state
> rectifiers even though I have them on hand. Maybe some day when the tubes go
> bad and I use LOW voltage I will try them.With 2 used, 1 new 4D32 tube I get
> the the same results.. 40 meters as reference.
> I get good reports on a TS-570D with a 444D mike using a 3 tube 811A amp. It
> all works if not overdriven.. 73 Mike
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