[AMRadio] Your recent comments on AM (Tannehill)

w2agn w2agn at pobox.com
Fri Jan 13 14:21:30 EST 2006

Brian Carling wrote:

>Reply to the FCC? By then it is mostly too late.
>I read one place that ARRL were claiming that they had 
>consulted with radio amateurs. If they REALLY claimed that
>then they are bolder liars than I thought.
>No, by the time this lunacy reaches FCC it is probably too late.
>Discussion BEFORE the train leaves the station would make 
>more sense, but it seems ARRL has moved well away from 
>being any kind of accountable or representative style 
>organization. Sad to say, but I have just about had it with 
>them. I believe that HPM would roll over in his grave if he 
>could see what  they have been doing the last few years.
Now we will hear the howls from the ARRL apologists. I am sure Pete will
be one of the first. I think the ARRL pays folks to make excuses for


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