[AMRadio] 'She Blinded Me With Science!' WAS: Your recent comments

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Fri Jan 13 15:03:37 EST 2006

On 13 Jan 2006 at 14:21, w2agn wrote:

> Now we will hear the howls from the ARRL apologists. I am sure Pete will
> be one of the first.


LOL - are you clairvoyant or something? Or do you just 
have insight that Pete KNOWS the ARRL can do no wrong?

Grin - am I taking all of this way too seriously? ARRL knows 
what is best for me I am SURE. Digitized stereo AM in a 500 Hz
wide signal and eventually ban all other modes. Get rid of 
AM and CW as soon as possible? Such self-deluders some of them are!
All in the name of "progress!"

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