[AMRadio] Your recent comments on AM (Tannehill)

Bob Scupp k5sep at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 13 15:07:21 EST 2006

To All-

I am a former ARRL Rocky Mountain Division
Vice-Director from 1990-1994. I am always disappointed
that the ARRL does not follow CQ Magazine's
philosophy. Do survey questionnaires in every issue of
QST about issues facing the League and Amateur Radio.
That they use a post card insert survey answer form in
every issue of QST with a return address to the
League. Then publish the results in the next available
QST issue and document them. ARRL can also do the same
on their Internet homepage. Then the League will have
documented survey answers from it's members and the
Amateur Community to present to it's ad hoc
committee's, Board and Executive committee's. It also
would look better for Congress and the FCC. I have
always advocated doing this for issues facing both the
League and Amateur Radio.

Asking members and the Amateur Community for comments
is nice. Unfortunately like all such issues they would
have to go out of their way to make highly visible
their need for membership and Amateur Community
participation. I believe the above suggestions would
be more effective. It would also demonstrate to it's
members and the Amateur Community their credibility in
responding. I represented this while Vice-Director but
I am afraid it got ignored or buried.



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