[AMRadio] recent comments on AM

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Jan 13 19:14:31 EST 2006

I am a member and have been for several years and have NEVER received a poll 
question from the ARRL.  Tell me how you rate such treatment?

73  Jim

> Hi Brian -
> I don't understand how this is even a point of contention. There are many
> different points available for contention or discussion in this matter 
> such
> as what they did after they got the results of the poll, etc.
> FACT: The ARRL polled their members. I am a member. I got polled. I gave 
> my
> opinion. All the other ARRL members I know were also polled too. I don't
> think it adds anything meaningful to the discussion when we get arguing
> about things which are indisputable facts.
> To deny the fact that they asked for, and got their members opinions is 
> just
> silly isn't it?
> 73,
> Mark W1EOF

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